I have recently been fascinated with Terry A. Davis and his operating system TempleOS. If you do not know of Terry and his work I highly recommend this article by Vice: God’s Lonely Programmer. The programming language HolyC is the language of TempleOS and can be considered as being somewhat a combination of: C, C++ and Assembly. The code below is an overview of the basics of the language, I find it most interesting and fun to program in, and I hope you will too.


    /* HolyC Overview
      Date: 8-1-2019
    F64 x, y; // Declare global variables
    // Simple math/logic function
    I64 Pwr(F64 a, F64 b)
      // Declare local variables
      I64 i;
      I64 c = 1;
      // Loop structre same as C
      for(i = 0; i < b; i++)
        c *= a; // Has same sorthands as C
      "%f ** %f = %d\n", a, b, c;
      return 0; // If function is void(U0, this is not needed
    // Get user input
    U0 Input()
      x=GetF64("Enter base number: ");
      y=GetF64("Enter exponent: ");
      // Simple If/Else control flow
      if (y != 0)
        Pwr(x, y);
        "ERROR: Number can't be zero!\n";
        // Number can be zero, just returns 0
    // Simple print, no need for printf
    "Hello world!\n";
    // Basic Array/Data structure
    I64 Array[2][2] = {0, 1, 2, 3};
    "%d\n", Array[0][2];

Credit to Terry A. Davis: https://templeos.org/