My simple and basic EDC

This is just my very simple EDC of stuff that I actually carry and use everyday, wanted to add it to this blog for two reasons:

1. To keep a record of it for the futrue, as I am planning on changing a few things here soon
2. I wanted to add something to this blog and this was a decent excuse for a post

├─ Cascade Wallet
│    ├─ Cash
│    ├─ ID
│    └─ Credit card
├─ Keychain
│    ├─ House key(s)
│    ├─ Office key
│    └─ Mail Key
├─ LG Stlyo 3 Phone
├─ Dr. Bronner's Lip Balm
└─ Casio A168 Watch

As you can see my tastes in EDC gear is nothing extravagent, as I actually like my gear to be used, on the cheaper side, and want to it to be a bit unique.